Website & Logo Design for Sethi Group of Companies

Sethi Group of Companies is a large corporate house with interests in both old and new economies.

Website & Logo Design for Sethi Group of Companies

Access Development Services is an offshoot of Care India

Interactive World provided Access with an Internet and Intranet solution on ASP.NET and also manages their website.

Access Development Services is an offshoot of Care India

Website Content Management & End User Support

Website content management and end user support services are offered by Interactive World to ensure that your visitors get to see the freshest content at all times. Our content management and end user support services can be offered on a specific (website only) or an end to end platform (includes website, emails support, chat support and phone support). These services are applicable when you already have a website or a portal and are looking for support services to be outsourced on fairly competitive rates. We request you to follow the case study below to understand more about how our support services work and get in touch with us to know more.

Current Expectations and Requirements

The expected maximum number of user sign-ups for the next 3 months is 20,000/week. User approval requirements include:

  • approving/rejecting member photo uploads
  • user recorded audio/video clips (each max 30 seconds)
  • user headline text (50 character max), and user description text (2,000 character max).

Approval Process

Customer uses a customized Member Content Approval Panel to approve website content. Website Support Staff is assigned a unique log-in to access the Member Content Approval Panel.

A time stamp tracks the duration of approval productivity for each support staff member. Once logged in, support staff will be presented with various content for approval (one item at a time).

Content is either a headline, description text, photo, audio clip or video clip. For each particular type of item there is a set of clickable actions that reflect (1) approval, (2) rejection and (3) move to private (for photos, audio and video clips).

Interactive World is looked at to manage the entire content approvl process.

Support Staff Provisions

Interactive World provides 2 approval staff members for each of one of three 8 hour shifts daily (totaling 24 hours/day). This totals 6 individuals working 8 hour shifts each day, 7 days a week on a one year contract.

Our Clients

Our client associations are case studies in themselves. Some of our clients have been with us since the inception of the our company - Interactive World. A click on any of our client logos below will tell you more about our association with them with a snapshot of the projects executed.

  • Access Development Services
  • AIDA India
  • GNG Group
  • Kloog Offshore Services
  • Koti Resorts
  • M2i Trainings
  • Sethi Group of Companies
  • Impressive Leads
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